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judy and todd

Judy Fleming - Proprietor/Artist

Judy Fleming’s artistic talents were nurtured while growing up surrounded by fields and woods in the midwest. As a child she would frequently make solitary excursions into the woods bringing back bits of bark, seed pods, and other precious items that would then be displayed in her environment, or included in her art. Her greatest inspiration has always been the simple treasures found in nature. Her education includes a fine arts background with an Associate degree in Architectural Engineering, and a Bachelor degree Graphic Design. Judy believes that the things we surround ourselves and our families with should be meaningful, celebrate our uniqueness, and perhaps provide a glimpse of a gentle otherworld. Our homes are places that should nurture and inspire our dreams.

Judy’s desire to create personalized art led her to create her own company in 1996. In 2009 the company took a new name, Milkweed Manor Designs, Inc., and a new direction in producing high quality personalized giclée prints. She focuses her energy on the creation of new products and growing the business.

Todd Fleming - Marketing/Technical

Todd Fleming adds the marketing, technical, and fearless components to Judy’s creative vision. Todd has had the privilege of traveling to many other countries and has lived extensively in Germany and the Netherlands. His education and background bring a unique holistic perspective to Milkweed Manor Designs. His web development education gives him the expertise to oversee the technical aspects of the company including growth with online marketing, and the ability to troubleshoot technical glitches. His building background gives him practical experience in constructing and producing the product.